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Vediphile s Best online Crash course helping for students to understand 3D conceptual view.1000+ recorded 3D video lectures on complete NEET syllabus for NEET Crash course we have Qualified and Experienced faculty providing education online:

Course Features

You need nothing more than the study material we provide in our courses. No extra material or books are needed.

Recorded 3D Lectures

Recorded 3D Lectures

Switch to the innovative way of learning in 3D. Recorded video lectures from top educators!

Online Live Classes

Online Live Classes

Walk the entire journey of learning with online live classes. Cover the entire course in an innovative way!

Instant Doubt Solving

Instant Doubt Solving

Send your topics doubts and get instant solution within the app. Learn tough topics in an easy way!

One on One Support

One on One Support

Never feel you are far away from your mentors, One on One support for our every NEET aspirants!

Learn in Your Way

Learn in Your Way

Learn according to our study planner or buy complete course to prepare according to your schedule!

App-Based Study

App-Based Study

Best study material in a single app. Experience uninterrupted anytime, anywhere learning!

Online Mock Tests

Online Mock Tests

Online mock tests & test series according to planner with detailed results analysis!

Advance NEET Course

Advance NEET Course

Advance NEET crash course prepared by top NEET educators. Best for repeaters & achievers!

Daily Practice Questions

Daily Practice Questions

Thousands of daily practice questions including NEET PYQ'S with video solutions. Make you exam ready!

Which online crash course is best for NEET?

Are you preparing to crack NEET 2022? Time to take your NEET-UG exam preparation to another level altogether with the help of Vediphile - The Best NEET’s online coaching center. After this Covid-19 pandemic, an online coaching institute is the only solution for preparing the students of different streams of career-related to different competitive examinations. Among those competitive exams, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the popular ones. Start Practicing on NEET MCQs to Crack NEET Examination.

A student's investment is necessarily utilized with the perfection of education provided by the faculties of our institution. Vediphile’s online NEET crash course 2022 is the best education program for candidates who want to clear their National Eligibility cum Entrance Test exam this year. Students can now enhance their National Eligibility cum Entrance Test exam preparation with Vediphile's NEET Crash Course online.

Explore NEET Syllabus Certified by NTA

The faculties of Vediphile are very cooperative and as well as helping to offer assistance for their overall improvement. The experts at the institution are always concerned about their student's needs and requirements for achieving their goals. Hence, Vediphile is a very renowned institute that offers a highly-demanded online NEET crash course 2022.

100% FREE 3D Videos for NEET

Importance of online NEET Crash course

As we all know, the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the most extensive entrance test held for granting medical UG admission in India. But during this pandemic situation, only the neet crash course online by Vediphile can help students continue their exam preparation and actually ace it. Nearly 16 lakh students appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test exam every year. But, unfortunately, not all of those candidates can secure a seat for themselves. That is why good preparation is always needed to pass this exam & that's why Vediphile is here.

👉 300+ Lecture Hours of 3D Videos

👉 10 Unit wise tests in Physics, Chemistry & Biology

👉 Unlimited Hours of Self Practice Tests

👉 2 Full-length Mock Tests

👉 Live classes for PCB

👉 Doubt Solving sessions for PCB

Demo Lectures for NEET Crash course- Explore Fast


Why Choose Vediphile’s NEET Crash Course?

If students aim to get a medical seat, it is a challenging task, but if they prepare themselves with the right strategy with Vediphile's Neet Crash Course coaching, there are high chances of succeeding. 

 Low to Moderate Fees: In India, there are various kinds of online NEET crash coaching centers and online platforms that charge a lot of amounts for exam preparations. But many students are not able to afford to pay such significant amounts. Hence, the Vediphile online coaching learning system is the best solution for those students.

Free Resources: Moreover, the vast majority of the participants want to boost their preparation without opting for a premium subscription with National Eligibility cum Entrance Test coaching 2022 facilities. But with the Vediphile's course, we offered various free exam preparation stuff so aspirants can get lots of study material without any charges. 

Features of Vediphile's online NEET Courses :

Here are the primary features of the course offered:

  1. With Vediphile's online neet-ug courses, students can quickly boost their rank by revising the entire syllabus with the best study material in form of 3D videos. Teachers at Vediphile are highly qualified & skilled. 
  2. We provide student support throughout our app. All they have to do is download the app, and ask as many queries as they want. 
  3. This course also helps students adjust to the time management strategies that they can learn with India's top NEET teachers.
  4. One of the best features of our online course is that we give our students a lot of study materials; the students don't even need any more study materials than we provide in our courses. The students need no extra material or books if they enrol for our NEET crash course.
  5. We provide our students with 3D learning seasons & they also recorded video lectures from top educators for their later revision purpose.

Why Online NEET Crash Course instead of Offline Coaching

In the past, physical coaching classes have been a challenging option for medical aspirants for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test rehearsals. But these days, with the rise of virtual classrooms, the NEET crash course has been quite famous among the candidates. Let's see a couple of the primary advantages of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test virtual coaching. One point to understand here is that these virtual coaching classes will be live virtual classes taken by real-life education providers, and they will not be just some recorded lectures. So that offers more value to aspirants of medicine.

Flexible Timings:

Often students feel restless after finishing school classes. Going directly to coaching right after school can conclude in exhaustion for the vast majority of the students. In virtual coaching, the fashions are typically performed in the evening, which gives aspirants enough time for rest and permits them to be psychologically prepared for the lessons.

Save Time of Commuting:

In physical coaching classes, students go to an institute for coaching, including travelling time. On top of that, it delivers practical touting in the comfort of the house. So the student needs a laptop or computer with an internet connection.

Qualified and Experienced faculty providing education online:

The online classrooms, which is the only mode of westies in education, has transformed the rest of the aspects such as quality of coaching study resources, test papers, batch calendar, and so much more. All are the same, such as the conventional coaching classes. In some instances where long-serving NEET education providers offer virtual classes to aspirants, virtual coaching gives even better quality than physical coaching institutes.

There is no chance of skipping any lecture:

Individuals can miss a lecture in physical coaching lectures due to medical concerns or any other cause. But in virtual coaching, the sessions are captured for future reference. So if the student is not present in a class, they can check that same class out later at a given point in time.

Simple doubt resolution and small batches:

In a NEET coaching class of 150 to 200 students which is a typical scenario in a more prominent institute for NEET coaching, education providers cannot concentrate on a particular student. Therefore, a one-to-one conversation is a rare possibility. Due to this, learners skip out on dissolving doubts most of the time. Whereas in online coaching, the classes are short, with a maximum of 20 to 25 students. Which permits a learner to ask the questions more simply and freely.

No requirement to settle in Kota, Rajasthan, or any other, please:

Relocating to some other location is not the option for most aspirants. Not just in preparation and study but also in adapting to the food place, peers, and many other things. In a city such as Kota or Bangalore, there is always a risk of extra pressure, which sometimes can result in depression and stress among the aspirants. With National Eligibility cum Entrance Test virtual coaching, students can get education from qualified and experienced education providers at their house only.

Our online NEET crash courses are easily accessible, resourceful, time-saving, productive, and efficient. In addition, NEET virtual coaching permits candidates to attend classes from qualified and experienced education providers at the comfort of their house. Vediphile is one of the best online coaching centers in India for NEET, and over the years we have proved its mettle with around a 60-65% success rate. 

So, What are you waiting for? Let's join our online NEET courses today and crack NEET Examination


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